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Chainmail Fabrics ~ Chainmail Curtains ~ the new trend ~ ready to hang









Collection of ready-to-hang chain mail curtains.
You also have the choice to order chainmail fabrics by meter.

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Ready-to-hang chainmail curtains

Curtain track systems

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About chain mail fabrics

Chain mail is made in stainless steel, a high-performance material at the environmental level.

The machines that bend, join and weld rings separately have been designed specially.
Through digital control, it is possible to draw the shape of a part precisely by programming the welding operation for each ring; while a large part of the work involved, namely the assembly of subparts, remains manual.

In 1968, the general public discovered chain mail through the haute couture models Paco Rabanne, and has now been rediscovered by interior designers and architects.

The use of chain mail as curtains, room dividers, lightings, art objects, cloth etc. is unlimted. Please have a look at our picture gallery to get inspired by this multi-functional fabric.